Flexible dentures valplast

Protesis-flexibleWhen we say “dentures,” we are usually talking about a replacement for teeth that is removable. There are two kinds that are referred to, full and partial.

Some patients view this as a matter of economics-they can’t afford to maintain their teeth any more. I once calculated the cost of a complete set of false teeth, upper and lower, including the cost of the tooth extraction surgery and the additional surgery required to prepare the patient’s mouth for the denture. Instead of getting the dentures, if the patient were to put all that money into a mutual fund that earned a modest 8% annual return, they could have routine checkups and cleanings and a filling or two every year on the dividends. At the end of ten years they would still have their own teeth and still have the full original value of the mutual fund.

The flexibility of Valplast provides a more comfortable, lightweight and stronger partial denture. The valplast partial dentures cost less than dental implants and dental bridges and they require no surgery or invasive procedures. Valplast flexible partial dentures offer patients many benefits compared to traditional acrylic dentures.

Valplast has a low reaction rate compared to dentures that are made from acrylic and metal, as it is a thermoplastic nylon which contains no acrylic monomer and a completely metal free colouring agent, making it an excellent choice for patients who suffer allergic reactions to acrylic and metal.

We recomended flexible denture for a  more comfortable and natural look.