Dental Whitening

Dental whitening in Miraflores Lima:

We use LED teeth whitening and you can enhance the coloration of your smile in less than one hour.

Teeth whitening can typically provide results five to ten shades lighter after just one short visit to the dentist. This teeth whitening procedure begins with a short preparation to cover your lips and gums, leaving only your teeth exposed. Your dentist will then apply whitening gel to your teeth. This is applied to the enamel (the protective outer coating) of the tooth and is then heated with a special LED lamp. The active ingredient in the whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide which works to quickly provide the desired teeth whitening results. The lamp activates the gel, helping to penetrate the enamel and bleaching away any discoloration without changing the structure of the teeth. When the LED lamp is turned on, the whitening process, which takes less than an hour, begins.

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