Dental Tourism

Peru is always counting on successful health proffesionals and excellent health centers equiped with the latest technology. If you would like to explore beautiful touristic places, such as Las Islas Ballestas, Macchu Picchu, or Ica then visit our clinic today. Our country is famous for its spectacular variety of delicious food and for its breath taking archaeological monuments and for its several touristical destinations. Dental tourism is rising in popularity and is even more fun in a country as beautiful as Peru, get to know a completely different culture! The dental treatment is done in Miraflores, Lima which is a safe and zone that is very popular in tourism and filled with tourists. Before you make plans to come to Peru, we give you complete diagnostic which includes a treatment plan and an approximate cost so that you may know before hand the price and details.

According to studies done in Peru, 94% of tourists come back to Peru after visiting such a beautiful country. Tourism is increasing at a rapid rate and become more popular as people constantly travel around to world. In the year 2014, Peru was chosen as the best gastronomic and cultural destination, along with several other awards presented by the World Travel Awards. Our capital city, Lima, was chosen as the most cultural destination

Also if you have a type of Dental Health Insurance from abroad such as Cigna, Aetna, Metlife, Delta Dental, among others, we have forms so you may request a refund of your money spent on dental treatment. Usually these health insurances let you choose the doctor or hospital anywhere in the world with the reimbursement of medical expenses established in each plan.

Some international insurance reimbursement. At Odontodigital we know how insurances work, and it’s really easy. We will write a special receipt for your insurance so you can get the money reinbursed when you came back home.

While the primary motivation for most customers is affordable dental care, for some people it’s a great opportunity to combine dental care with traveling  and vacation. Given the low cost of road, rail and air travel, you can even bring your friends or family along.

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