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Dental Deep Cleaning and Teeth Whitening Special Offers:

1. Get a dental deep cleaning with ultrasonic scalers more the prophy jet (is an air polishing system the combines water and baking soda to remove stains and debris from teeth). 

2. We can offer teeth whitening in two different ways to suit you. Odontodigital offers fantastic, professional results whilst maintaining the health of your teeth.  To take advange of these fantastic offers, pone 4476153, cellphone 991216060 or visit

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Length of tooth whitening varies from patient to patient depending on their eating, hygiene and social habits; so, in smokers, current users of dark beverages (colas, coffee, tea) and diets high in citrus fruits (kiwi, pineapple), the duration of treatment may be diminished. In most cases the length is 2 to 7 years. However, teeth whitening habits regardless of the patient requires further or annual maintenance for optimal clinical outcomes are maintained over time as much as possible, such reinforcement can be done with a clinic visit or a home treatment regimen.

The indication for performing tooth whitening or not is determined by the amount and type of stain or pigmentation of the teeth; Thus, tooth whitening is indicated in most cases, except in cases of tetracyclines too dark spots and corrosion cases metal fillings; in these cases, we would have a too dark to clarify would be indicated substrate and conducting ceramic veneers or caps to correct discoloration of the teeth. If instead there are no stains extremely dark dental clearance would be the right solution.

The amount of dental bleaching varies from patient to patient; the amount of bleaching is evaluated with a dental guide 15 shades; generally the results achieved with whitening rinse between 5 and 10 shades; but it is important to note that the teeth will not be whiter than they were when they erupted and this is determined by the genetics of the patient.

It is normal during and / or after a tooth whitening has increased tooth sensitivity to various stimuli such as cold, sweet air. This dental hypersensitivity is completely normal and temporary and can be controlled with desensitizing toothpastes and fluoride-based gels and analgesics in older cases. It lasts about two weeks and completely resolved at this time.

Aside from dental hypersensitivity is not described any other subsequent discomfort with tooth whitening, as being completely safe and conservative treatment.

Teeth whitening is a conservative treatment that requires no dental anesthesia, which is painless and in some patients can generate and increase passenger commented tooth sensitivity.